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Kent County Sportshall Athletics 2019/20

Last amended at 15-04-20



Hi All

Please find attached our resources related to the Sportshall Athletics Home Pentathlon which may be of use during this time.

The Home Pentathlon is a fun way for families to take part in adapted Sportshall Athletics events within their home environment. We hope you find these resources helpful and would be delighted if you are able to promote the use of them.

The full details can be found here - http://www.sportshall.org/homepentathlon

The guidance notes and online score system are supported by a set of Youtube clips which have kindly been narrated by Olympic medal winner Katharine Merry.

Stay safe and the team look forward to seeing you all in due course.

Tom Bunner
Managing Director

Managing and developing Sportshall Athletics across the UK and leading the global development of the pathway of Sportshall programmes. Latest offers and news from Sportshall Associates

Kent Sportshall Athletics 2019-2020
As part of an attempt to reduce costs, reduce conflict with other athletic events, increase attendance and athlete enjoyment a number of changes have been agreed to reinvigorate this winter’s season.

The number of meetings has been reduced from 5 including the Championships to 4 including the Championships. The meetings will only be held at 2 venues, St Johns Sports Centre, Tonbridge and The Stour Centre, Ashford.

The number of field events for U11s has been increased from 4 to 5 at each general meeting to include similar events included in the U11’s Regional Finals and to aid selection. An amended timetable has been prepared which will require greater club and parental assistance. All children in a team will participate in all the field events. Plus a run or relay. 2 children will be the nominated pair to score, but the other 2 will get a recorded time/ distance. Team managers must do this before the event.

The U13s and U15s will include Club Team Championships similar to the Kent Cross Country League. The 3 leading points scorers in each age group for each club will be totalled together from each the 3 general meetings to determine the finish team positions. Similarly individual points scored in all 3 general meetings will be totalled together to determine the individual finish positions and the award of medals.

U17s competition will only be included the County Championships but the experience and assistance of U17s will be greatly appreciated at the 3 general meetings.

Entry Forms and information for U11 11-09-19      

Entry Forms and information for U13/U15 11-09-19       

Declaration Form - for all 11-09-19

Championships Entry Form for U11 11-09-19


Championships Entry Form for U13/U15/U17 11-09-19


Sportshall Rules & Guidance 23-12-13

2019/20 Sportshall Venues and Dates

All results here...

  • Sunday 8th October St Johns Tunbridge Wells

  • Sunday 17th November Stour Centre Ashford

  • Sunday 8th December Stour Centre Ashford (County Champs)

  • Sunday 9th February St Johns Tunbridge Wells.


Note that entries must be received by the Tuesday before the Sunday competition -  entry fee £6 per athlete or £24 a team.

Teams should arrive in time to collect their numbers and be ready for individually organised warm-up at 1:40 (10:40am for the championships meeting in December). We should be on our way home by 6.00pm (5.00pm Championships).

Sportshall is changing…………

Due to the increasing costs of hiring venues around Kent, along with the difficulty and burden (mainly shouldered by one man) of getting the heavy awkward equipment to venues the decision was made that Kent Sportshall needed a revamp. Having looked at the way that the regional and national Sportshall finals are run, and how the majority of counties in the UK now run their events we decided to bring ourselves into line with the rest of the UK.

So in the 2018/9 season we will be running the new Kent Sportshall League from two venues, Tunbridge Wells and Ashford. In these two locations venue costs are very reasonable, we have enough space to hold track and field events at the same time, and equipment is either able to be stored onsite or is available locally.

Our main championship will still be held in December at Ashford, but this will be the only venue where U17’s will be able to compete in Sportshall, and we hope that some of these athletes will come along and gain valuable experience as assistant officials at the other events.

More and more primary and secondary schools are now including Sportshall as part of the physical education, and more children now experience inter-school sport with Sportshall than with any other sport.

It is hoped that restructuring our Sportshall competitions will enable us to have be even more competitive events, along with maintaining and improving our success at Regional and National level through from U11’s to U15’s. Sportshall has long been a very successful area of athletics for Kent, and many of the British Athletics team having competed in Sportshall in their younger years it is an important part of the winter programme for many athletes, and a great skills building block for future athletic success. These include Mark Lewis-Francis, Kelly Sotherton, Denise Lewis, Jade Johnson, Morgan Lake, Gareth Southgate, Nick Buckfield and Dina Asher-Smith.

We are still finalising the finer details of the how the league will run, but we will get them out to you as soon as possible. 9-09-18


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